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Guitar Cabinet IRs


Discover our Bestsellers in the faIR series - a showcase of our most popular impulse response packs, acclaimed for taking audio production to exceptional levels. For a brief period, we're thrilled to offer these fan favorites at an exclusive 25% discount. This is a golden opportunity for audio professionals and aficionados alike to enrich their collection with our top-tier IR compilations at an unbeatable value. Seize this opportunity to integrate our most celebrated IR collections into your library, now available at a special promotional price.


IR Pack Edition Comparison

Complete Impulse Response Packs

For the audio aficionado seeking the full array:

  • Over 250-350+ unique IRs
  • Includes Raw CloseMics, Mix-Ready Masters, Fredman IRs, and Room Mics
  • Comprehensive mic selection and positioning
  • Ideal for detailed sound exploration and customization

Mastered Impulse Response Packs

Simplified excellence:

  • 30-50 mix-ready SuperBlends
  • Selected Fredman IRs
  • Streamlined workflow for immediate use
  • Perfect for quick sound finding and focusing on performance

Essential Impulse Response Packs

Quality within a budget:

  • A handful of Mix-Ready IRs including
  • Focuses exclusively on Solid State IRs
  • No SPARC or Tube variations
  • Great starting point for newcomers or straightforward users

Free Impulse Response Packs

Discover the essence of our affordable Quality faIR Cabinet IR series with our complimentary free IR packs. This introductory edition mirrors the convenience and quality of our Mastered IR editions but at no cost, offering a select compilation of dozens of Mix-Ready IRs. Designed to provide a seamless introduction to the distinctive tones of our cabinet simulations, it's the perfect gateway for those new to impulse responses or for anyone looking to experience the craftsmanship of our IR packs firsthand. Embark on your sonic exploration with our legendary soundscapes without the investment, an ideal starting point for your journey into the world of professional-grade tones.

Complete Impulse Response Packs

The 'Complete' version of our faIR Cabinet IR packs stands as the quintessential toolkit for audio professionals and enthusiasts. With a broad spectrum of 250-350+ impulse responses, this comprehensive collection encompasses Raw CloseMics, Mix-Ready Masters, Fredman IRs, and Room Mics. Tailored for those who seek unparalleled control over their audio landscapes, it offers an extensive array of microphone selections and placement opportunities. Ideal for individuals eager to explore the vast sonic possibilities of our cabinet simulations, this variant equips users with everything needed to forge their unique auditory signature.

Mastered Impulse Response Packs

Choose streamlined quality with the 'Mastered' version of our faIR Cabinet IR packs. Specifically designed to include 30-50 IRs, this edition offers all Mix-Ready Masters, carefully chosen Fredman IRs, and fundamental Room Mics. It's the perfect solution for musicians who wish to bypass the complexity of extensive IR selections, providing a handpicked array of tones ready for the mix. Suited for artists eager to discover their sound swiftly and concentrate on their artistry, this variant simplifies the process without compromising on the audio quality.

Essential Impulse Response Packs

The 'Essential' version of our faIR Cabinet IR packs is crafted for those in pursuit of high-quality sound on a budget. This streamlined edition comprises a handful of Mix-Ready IRs, including a Room Mic and a Fredman Mix, with a focus on Solid State IRs. Omitting SPARC and Tube variations, the pack provides a direct path to excellent tone, making it a superb choice for beginners or any musician seeking an uncomplicated, affordable solution to capture the legendary cabinet sound without navigating the complexities of more extensive collections.